Social and Economic Teaching in Medieval Europe


Social and Economic Teaching in Medieval Europe/Kemal Utku.Ankara:Atilim University,2012.
x,98 p.;24 cm.
ISBN 978 -975- 6707- 34-0


It is the aim of this essay to examine and present in as concise a form as possible the principles and rules which guided and regulated men in their economic and social relations during the period known as the Middle Ages.

The ground floor we have chosen for our study is medieval Europe.It is our longue duree,the Middle Ages;sleepy in all its relations and institutions.The history of the Middle Ages is a history which unfolds slowly and is slow to alter.Because of the long-standing stability of its values,it appears unchanging compared with all the histories which flow and work themselves out more swiftly.It appears immobile yet moving.It is a facet of history which exists almost out of time;sort of a romantic history of gentle rhythms and deep-running currents.




1.Aim and Score Of The Essay
3.Medieval Social Philosophy and The Principles Of The Thomist Ethic
4.Duties Regarding The Acquisition and Use Of Property
5.The Exchance Of Property
6.The Medieval Attitude Towards Commerce
7.Martin Luther and Johannes Calvin